Instagram Tips and Tricks for Blogging

Hey guys! Jess here. All social media platforms are unique in their own way, but Instagram definitely takes the cake in fun! Instagram started back in 2010 and quickly climbed to the top of social media popularity starting as a photo sharing app. Through the years lots of edits and even video sharing has been a convenient addition.

As a blogger, I have found Instagram to be an essential tool for reaching out to new followers…but it wasn’t always so simple for me. Below are the top five Instagram tips and tricks I picked up over the years:


I cannot stress enough how important it is to place watermarks on your pictures. If the photos you are uploading are important to you such as recipes you made or a DIY project thought up by you and you alone, watermark them. Watermarking apps like iWatermark make it extra easy to put your personal stamp on your work!



When uploading each photo there is a convenient little section where you can choose to share on other networks, Facebook and Twitter being just two of those options. While I wouldn’t suggest sharing EVERYTHING you post on Instagram to other outlets, sometimes sharing can be beneficial.



If nothing else is done to your Instagram photos, you must hashtag! Using hashtags is vital for any Instagrammer seeking a following especially big brands and bloggers of all kinds. Simply put, hashtags are the perfect tool to exposing your account to a wider audience.


Bird’s Eye View

Any smart Instagram user knows to keep photos fresh and exciting. Utilizing the bird’s eye view technique, also know as flatlay, is an elevated way to show followers what you are looking at and also eliminates those annoying shadows.



Vivid colors are always eye-catching and fun to look at. The average Instagram user flies through their feed looking for interesting photos to like, slow them down with colorful snaps you have captured! From soft pastels to the brilliant hues of the rainbow, vibrant colors are a guaranteed way to gain likes and followers.


Like all social media outlets, Instagram is ever changing and new tips and tricks will always pop up but hopefully these five tips will help even the most savvy user! What tips and/or tricks do you find helpful when using Instagram? Comment below!

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