Is Email Marketing Still Important in 2021?

As the marketing industry has evolved, different marketing trends have emerged, while others have fallen out of favor. As such, it is important for those who are looking to market their brand to understand these trends and to constantly innovate their marketing strategies accordingly. Though some individuals believe that email marketing is becoming outdated, there is a variety of evidence that suggests otherwise. In this article, we will discuss why some people believe that email marketing is no longer effective and whether or not this claim is valid.

Effects of Text Messaging on Email Marketing

Before the rise of cell phones, email was one of the primary ways in which people communicated with each other. However, as a result of the introduction of text messaging and a variety of other easy ways to message, email is decreasing in popularity. There are a variety of features that come with text messaging, such as group chatting, that email can not provide. Additionally, social media platforms that did not previously exist allow users to send direct messages both to individual users and to groups. As a result of all of these technological developments, a great deal of individuals prefer these more modern forms of communication to emails. This trend is especially prevalent among the younger generations.

Other individuals believe that, though the majority of people have email accounts, they do not always read their mail. It has been reported that 45 percent of the emails that a user receives are spam messages. Because people do not want to have to deal with spam mail, many do not check their inbox frequently, and when they do, they only open the messages from the individuals who they know. This has led some individuals to claim that email marketing is ineffective, as potential customers do not read the messages.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Because of the previously mentioned downfalls of email, some people claim that email marketing is outdated and that companies should switch to new, more modern, methods of advertising. However, there is a great deal of evidence that suggests that this may not be the best move. Despite the fact that some individuals are moving away from using email as their primary form of communication, there are still over three billion individuals using email worldwide. As such, email marketing campaigns have the potential to reach an extremely large audience. Even if a portion of a company’s leads choose not to open the emails that they receive from the company, the potential still exists to reach a great deal of consumers. Additionally, emails from companies have an option to opt-out, and, as such, those who do not want to receive emails from a company do not have to, making it more likely that those who are on a company’s mailing list will be interested in what they have to say.

Email Marketing Has Extremely High ROI

Another benefit of email marketing is its extremely high return on investment. This form of marketing boasts an extremely impressive ROI of 4400%, meaning that for every dollar that a company spends on email marketing campaigns, they will generate forty-four dollars in revenue. As such, this is an extremely cost-efficient form of marketing.

Though there is some contention about whether or not email marketing is still effective, there is overwhelming evidence to prove that it is. Between the vast audience that companies are able to reach and the impressive ROI that comes with this type of advertising, the benefits of email marketing far outweigh the concerns that are held by some individuals. We hope that this article was helpful if you are thinking about your company’s next marketing campaign!

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